What is ATAEC?

ATAEC is a network for Cultural Preservation & EcoSocial Action. A worldwide data base of independent and collective artists for the transmission of their knowledge.


Bringing together artists, communities, projects, learners and travelers in order to preserve their culture, interact, share, co-create and have an extra income.

Giving ethnic, collective and autonomous support to the protection of our cultures and the diversity of the world.

We created ATAEC because we appeal to a balanced access to natural resources & culture. We believe in cooperation and ecosocial love.

Our base was founded between the heart of Africa, the Central American nature and the forests and European social movements, ATAEC combines ecosocial needs related to art, climate change and vulnerable groups.


Each tutor has a profile with information about their art. Gender, subgender, personal and collective experience, type of art and interestes. A description of the classes:
. Workshop . Hours . Prices
( Referential information )
And the contact details:
. Location . Addresse . Phone . E.mail


With the payment of a membership, learners and travelers can access to the contact details of the tutors & projects in order to receive classes.

The payment, amount & date of the classes it’s an agreement betwen the tutors and learners.

We propose to the tutors the investment of 10%
of the income obtained for each given course
- connected through ATAEC-
in the Cocreation Community or in the association.

We sugest to the tutors to host their own students or recomend a family, a community or project. Stay at the artist's house or a recommended family allows a more direct process of learning and cultural exchange.

Cocreation Community

It is a free and open network, based on a Social Economy model to co-create and finance communitarian action related to art, society & nature. Projects of artistic, ecological and social benefit can have their own profile with their needs and calendar of actions in order to get financial support and cooperation, from the association or from different users. The funds of ATAEC are used in this space.

  • Art.
  • Artivism.
  • Community access to water and food (collective gardens, restoration of ecosystems, wells, cleaning of rivers and landscapes).
  • Cultural actions.
  • Ecoartistic tourism.
  • Energy autonomy.
  • Indigenous cosmovision.
  • Social integration to people with a physical disability.
  • Support to indigenous communities.
  • Linguistic Preservation.
  • Natural Resourses Preservation.
  • New sustainable communitarian models.

Where do we get the founds from?

  1. The Receive Classes Membership.
  2. The 10 percent of the suggested collaboration from the Artists & Projects that Give Classes to the association.
  3. The Social Economy Network.

Social Economy

Social Economy is the place where we gather the monetary investment from users, organizations and projects, in this space collaborators can access to their own type of eco-social investment and choose where and how they want the money to be collectivized in accordance with the objectives of ATAEC.

Map with us

With the Mapping account users can register profiles to GIVE CLASSES.
The Mapping user is part of the co-creation of this data base, which is one of the most important parts of the project!

We want to make sure that if you become a Mapping user all the points are clear.

  1. To become a MAPPING user a form has to be fill out, immediately an access code will be giving to you, this is the code that you are going to use every time you register an artist or project to the database.
  2. It's important that you know that according to the international database law the use of others personal information has to be strictly approved by the person and limited to the needs of the network.
    No ID or Passport registration is allowed at the platform.
  3. The information that is registered has to be for the only use of give classes, cooperate, share knowledge and co- create.
  4. Please make sure that the the information about the artists and projects you registered is completely true, accurate and clear.
  5. We believe in the culture of trust and self and collective responsibility. Every person agrees to be solely responsible for the amount of energy and time he or she brings into the project or projects and responsible for his or her own holistic personal development. Furthermore, responsible for the people around them and the environment and nature.
  6. If you are a mapping user, you will be able to Receive Classes without paying a membership, have your own profile to Give Classes and enter database to the web site. The access to the Co-Creation Community is free and open for all the users.
  7. For each three artists you register at the site, we will cover 10% of your next visit. You can use this class within one year, when you want to use it please send us the form bonus mapping to
  8. We are conscious of the transition process in terms of internet interaction, jobs and network, our objective is to create a pack of benefits for the Mapping users, such as travel insurance, payment and / or active projects collaboration and / or subvention. If you have any suggestion or thought about it, write us!

Collective Behavior

Each person should be honest, respectful and supportive to others on personal and collective exchange and agreements. Action related to common benefit, respect and non- violence communication. Interactions and sharings should be always constructive and supportive and objections reasonable. We are all responsible to be lovekind and respectful to the environment and nature.

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