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  • . Connect with artists, collectives,
    communities and spaces

    . Artistic Synergies and Classes

    . Host & share your courses, events, festivals,
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  • . Create and collaborate

    . Co-management

    . Collective funds & philanthropy

Ecosocial Actions

Arts and Climate Change

Arts & Ecosocial

  • . Invest by artist, project, territory, type of action

    . Get donations on your Art & Projects

Types of users

Basic user FREE

  • . Basic profile

    . Access to Arts & Actions

    . Access to Collective Funds

    (the projects co-financed by ataec go through a selection
    process according to the objectives, vision and mission
    of the association)

Upgraded Profile

  • You can abonate from 30€ and €150 per year
    (if you are an Organization with an income we
    suggest you to abonate from 70€ up)
  • . Artistic Synergies and Classes

    . Access to the HUB. Artists, collectives, communities
    & spaces

    . Host & share Events

    . Access to Arts & Actions

    . Access to Collective Funds

    . Philanthropers can invest in your Art work

Mapping user FREE

  • . All functionalities

    . You contribute to the network by registering
    Artists to the platform

Investor FREE

  • . Invest by artist, type of action, territory or project

Solidarity account FREE

  • . All functionalities

    . This profile must be registered by a mapping user

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